Building Bridges

Families of wealth increasingly want to play an active role in solving global challenges through their philanthropic commitment. NextGen members, in particular, are increasingly seeking to make a positive impact on the economy, society and the environment through investment and philanthropy.

We build bridges between generations and strengthen the resilience of families. Through strong family governance, our approach supports a smooth transfer of wealth and prepares the next generation for their inheritance.

Philanthropy Strategy aligned with your Values

Our collaborative approach to philanthropy involves developing a philanthropy strategy consistent with your values and the global goals for sustainable development. We also enable you to work with the right partners to achieve a sustainable impact. We work with private clients, family offices and charitable foundations to align their philanthropy strategy with their wealth planning. Our philanthropy clients have access to our networks, our project universe and future-oriented education programs.

is your philanthropy strategy ready for the future?
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Head of Philanthropy

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