Niklas Kaiser


Monika Keiser Diaz Ariane Ehrat

„Even if transparency and comprehensibility were not nouns, Globalance would write them in capital letters. Because only those who understand tomorrow’s challenges today can help shape the future responsibly.“


As an editor at Globalance, Niklas Kaiser juggles more with words than with numbers. Even though he is well aware of the “other” side.

He studied business administration at the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative University in Stuttgart, majoring in business law, and worked in management consulting. But Niklas Kaiser had to realise early on: The more complex the topics, the less interested the clients. As a former central midfielder, however, he has always been keen to get everyone involved in the game.

His passion for scientific work, storytelling and visual imagery, as well as the demand for comprehensible and constructive reporting, led to his self-employment as an editor. He wrote for banks and start-ups as well as a ghostwriter before finding his way to Globalance.

„Globalance is more than a bank – both for the investors and the team. For our clients, returns and sustainability have never been contradictory, and thanks to our in-house transparency tools, investing becomes a comprehensible experience. And as a team of pioneers, we are often allowed to tread untouched terrain, which is why we not only manage and react, but also shape and act.“