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Ten Megatrends That Will Occupy us in the New Decade

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The new decade brings new opportunities and challenges. We present ten developments that will shape our next decade. Many of them will also affect us personally.

Human or Machine

New Skills for a New World

Our world is changing, requirements are changing — the digital transformation is stirring up the job market. Will tried and tested skills have to make way for new requirements in the future? And how are our children prepared for the changing world? What we need tomorrow and what we can do today!


From Langnau instead of Shenzen

Are we experiencing the end of globalization? And what influence does the transfer of data have on the trade in goods? How new technologies are transforming added value and supply chains, why ’Made in Europe’ is becoming more attractive again, and why people are talking about slowspeed cross-border competition.


Blackbox Was Yesterday

The call for transparency and openness penetrates all areas of life. Where does my food come from, how sustainable is my employer? Transparency creates trust and never before has it been so easy. Read about the opportunities this offers us.

Big Data Takes Over

Problem or Solution?

The incessant flood of data creates the well-known angels and devils. Am I being manipulated as a transparent citizen or is Big Data creating added value for me? Can powerful data and artificial intelligence help us save the climate? What impact does this have on our lives and our economy?

Sharing Economy

Sharing instead of Owning

You don’t own an e-car, but would like to be able to use one at any time? No problem in our networked society! Today providers and users find each other easily, profit from independence and save our resources. Pure wishful thinking or does the trend of sharing really work? What will we no longer need to own in the future and what opportunities does this open up?

Decarbonization of the Economy

Can we Succeed?

Paris Climate Convention, the European Green Deal — the economy is challenged! The climate targets have been defined, but what now? Which transformative technologies will reduce carbon emissions in the future and what are the most urgent priorities? A look at the main emitters and the climate-friendly innovations of the future.


Software instead of “Hardware”

Physical products are increasingly disappearing from our lives and the smartphone combines countless of these features digitally — ready to hand in your pocket. Where is this leading, what does technological singularity mean and how do companies react? What sometimes still sounds like science fiction will change our everyday life and can have a positive impact on the future.

True Costs

The New Reality

If free goods such as the air, lakes or forests are really available to everyone free of charge, who will actually pay for the environmental damage caused? The true costs are very revealing! Sooner or later business models will have to face reality. How do companies prepare for the threat of future CO2 prices?

Long Life

Long and Happy?

People are getting older — by 2050 the number of people over 60 will have doubled. A mammoth task for the healthcare system and the public sector? The Silver Society is also adapting and increasingly moving away from the classic three-stage life cycle.

Digital Money

Everything Crypto or What?

The common online payment service PayPal will also offer a crypto service in the future. Will Bitcoin and Co. become attractive to the masses and how will the central banks react? What are the advantages and main differences to the conventional currencies? What are the benefits of the possible Introduction of an e-franc?