Taking Responsibility

Non-profit foundations bear a social responsibility not only in their funding activities but also in the investment of their foundation assets. Whereas in the past the focus of the foundation’s activities was solely on the area of grantmaking, financial assets are now seen as equally relevant to increasing the foundation’s overall impact.

And this is precisely what Globalance specializes in as an asset manager. In addition to investment success through diversification and cost efficiency, it focuses on purpose orientation. The result is a better return, sufficient income for the program work and the investment of assets in investments that correspond to the foundation’s purpose and have a positive footprint.

Invest your foundation capital in accordance with your foundation’s purpose

A unique instrument has been developed for this purpose, Globalance World – a Google Earth for investors. Globalance World is a digital world map for investors, with which you can assess the future viability and sustainability of your investments. It shows the complex interrelationships of your investments and their impact.
If you have set yourself the goal of being effective not only through your foundation’s purpose, but also through your assets, and of making a positive impact on the economy, society, and the environment, then the Globalance team is happy to support you.

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