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Globalance World

Digital access to your portfolio. Discover the impact and return of your assets. The climate contribution, footprint, megatrend share and financial performance dimensions give you a transparent and convenient overview of your investments.

Your advantages with Globalance World

Globalance World is your digital access to Globalance Bank for you as a customer

Get a transparent 360° overview of your portfolio and the individual securities

Simply download your bank documents at any time

Find out which methods we use to assess companies and investment instruments

Get in-depth information about the companies in your portfolio

Immerse yourself in our megatrend themes and footprint dimensions

Experience unprecedented transparency when it comes to the impact your money has on the world

Assess in real time how sustainable, future-proof and profitable your portfolio is.

The impact of your portfolio

Use four dimensions to recognise the impact of your portfolio around the world. Study its climate contribution, footprint, megatrend share and investment performance and get a 360° perspective of your investments.

Climate contribution

The Globalance climate indicator provides information on the increase in the global average temperature compared to pre-industrial levels. A lower climate indicator means lower risks for societies and ecosystems. Limiting warming to 1.5 °C reduces the risks compared to higher levels of warming.


The Globalance Footprint shows you how your assets perform around the world – per security and across the entire portfolio. Our grid is simple and objective. We use nine themes to assess your contribution to economic prosperity, the future viability of society and the preservation of our natural resources.

Megatrend share

The megatrend share shows you the proportion of the portfolio’s turnover that is generated in one or more megatrends. For the calculation, the megatrend shares of the individual investments are capital-weighted and added together.

Investment success

Find out the current financial performance of your portfolio and the individual securities as well as the historical development.

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