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You have built or inherited significant family wealth and can now pursue bold and meaningful goals. For our planet, for our children, for our future. We are here to help you achieve your financial and personal goals.

Our Offering

A wise investment decision is based on expert knowledge, thorough analysis, and a long-term perspective. Allow us to share our in-depth expertise and insights with you, from key megatrends and innovative technologies to the impact of your investments and beyond. Start your Globalance journey with a complimentary workshop tailored to your individual needs and ideas.

Your Sparring Partner

Behind a successful person is often a strong team. Let us be your strategic partner for investment decisions — guiding you towards opportunities in growth sectors and helping you transition away from outdated business models.

Your Transparency Tools

Compare your portfolios across different banks using our Manager Comparison Report. Evaluate the level of innovation and impact of your investments in real time with Globalance World.

Your Investment Solutions

Generate a double return by choosing one of our Discretionary Mandates or Funds solutions. Both solutions comprise multi-asset-class and pure equity structures (in CHF, EUR, USD).

Together with you and your family, we develop individual solutions to preserve and grow your wealth. Join us for a vibrant conversation on seven essential questions, such as:

How can we best support you with our network?

The megatrends of our time present us with complex challenges and require a rethink. We may need a new approach – a cultural shift in collaboration that goes beyond company and industry boundaries. For us, this means actively sharing our network and knowledge with you. We would be happy to connect you with people or experts from our networks who can support you in the successful implementation of your goals, wishes and projects.

Which values are important to you and your family?

The values that are important to you and your family form the core of your lifestyle. We invite you to share your values, ideas, and personal experiences with us.

How can you invest into the future?

Three dimensions are key: Future Fitness, ESE Footprint and Financial Quality.

Our investment strategy empowers you to invest in new growth areas while replacing outdated business models. We support you in identifying companies that have developed innovative solutions for the key challenges of our time and are thus successfully responding to global megatrends.

Preserving a healthy planet for future generations is one of the greatest challenges of our time – and also one of the greatest investment opportunities. We only invest in companies that our research and investment teams have classified as having a positive impact on our Economy, Society, and Environment.

An investment is only future-proof if it also demonstrates a strong financial quality. All investments must pass a rigorous financial analysis (e.g. strong balance sheet, sustainable revenue growth, market returns, etc.).

Do you know the impact of your money?

Learn more about the impact of your assets and start your Globalance journey with a free check of your assets. Let’s analyze the future fitness and footprint of your portfolios, uncover unnecessary risks and reveal the level of your hidden costs. We are also happy to show you how you can optimize your portfolios.

How transparent is your current portfolio?

Create transparency in your portfolios and rediscover your investments with our interactive, digital tool Globalance World. It provides you with insights into megatrends such as e.g., digitalization or health & aging. You will learn how your portfolio contributes to e.g., the conservation of natural resources or to the knowledge society – in real-time. Globalance World helps you make better decisions in the long run – for future-proof and sustainable investments.

Which investment strategy is right for you?

Choose between our Discretionary Mandates and Fund solutions. For a Discretionary Mandate, we collaborate closely to tailor your personal investment strategy. Our investment specialists will implement your specifications accordingly. Each investment is carefully evaluated for its future fitness, impact, and financial quality. For fund solutions, you have the option to choose between a pure equity fund and a well-diversified multi-asset fund.

Your Benefits

By choosing Globalance, you gain a trusted partner dedicated to helping you achieve your financial and personal goals. For nearly three decades, we have been at the forefront of empowering our clients to achieve attractive returns while making a meaningful contribution to our Economy, Society, and Environment. This commitment to both financial success and sustainability is ingrained in our DNA, resulting in what we term the “Double Return”. Your key benefits are:

Wealth Growth

Striking a balance between wealth preservation and growth demands a customized approach. We assist you in constructing a robust framework and providing you full transparency on the returns and impact of your investments before making any investment decisions.

Double Return

Double Return drives transformation. Your wealth not only yields attractive financial returns but also significantly contributes to our Economy, Society, and Environment. Experience the advantages of a holistic investment approach and switch to Globalance.

True Collaboration

We are fully committed to a cultural change of cooperation that goes beyond mere business transactions. We actively share our extensive network and deep expertise with you, creating synergies that drive innovation, growth, and positive change. Join our mission.

We support you in directing your wealth planning towards a positive future.

Talk to us today about the future of your wealth.

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