Globalance footprint

What footprint does your money have?

Money moves the world. Where and how you invest your assets has an impact – on you, but also on the economy, society and the environment. With Globalance World®, you can see the footprint and climate impact of your assets – it is a compass to use your money to move the world in a positive direction. 

We give your money a future and you the joy of investing

Globalance World® brings you full transparency and shows you what impact your assets have in the real world. Because private assets can also be invested sensibly. Globalance is committed to sustainable and future-oriented investment. Your money should achieve an optimal return – and at the same time have a positive impact. Because the world is not simply a marketplace, but also our home.

Your advantages

You see and experience the effect of your assets

You identify opportunities and risks in your portfolio

You have full transparency with regard to your investments

Visualization of your individual footprint

You avoid investment risks

You invest in future technologies

What is the Footprint of your assets?
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