Our world is not just a marketplace, but also our home. A long time ago, the financial market largely decoupled itself from the real economy and our planet. Innovative concepts and new investment solutions are required and as future-oriented and responsible investors we make investments that balance between profit, people and planet, which are part of the solution and not part of the problem.

Even 20 years before these topics became mainstream, the founders of Globalance were already dealing with the challenge of how to measure sustainability, how to translate this into a return-oriented portfolio and how to show investors transparently the impact of their investments. These themes are our passion, and that is why 25 years ago we committed ourselves to a financial market that respects and includes our economy, our society and our environment. In 1995, the founders of Globalance created the world’s first sustainable asset manager, SAM Sustainable Asset Management, and four years later launched the Dow Jones Sustainability Index DJSI together with Dow Jones. Pioneers and trailblazers who also enable private investors to invest their assets professionally, with a future-orientation and to shape a positive future.

The Globalance Investment Philosophy

The purpose of our economy is to solve the problems of people and the planet in a profitable way, not to profit from causing problems. Our world will change more in the next ten years than in the last hundred years. Digitalization, new exponential technologies, climate crisis, geopolitical shifts and changing human values will shape our future. Investing assets in such an environment – in line with your own values – is a major challenge. New concepts and new perspectives are required:


Every investment has not only a financial return, but also an impact on our world. That’s why we analyze the Footprint of every investment before we include it in our portfolios.

Future Topics and Future Movers

Successful investment strategies are invested in companies and investments that move the future. This is why Globalance has developed the future mover investment approach. This involves evaluating companies that benefit from global megatrends and offer new, future-proof products and services.

Financial Quality

Before Globalance invests in an asset, it’s financial quality and stability are assessed on the basis of various financial criteria. The focus is primarily on sales and profit growth, balance sheet quality, fundamentals and valuation.


We enable investors to
invest successfully in future-oriented companies that solve global challenges and create a positive future.

Globalance Values

We are committed to a positive future

By working together with our clients, our portfolio companies and financial market players, we strive to promote a future-proof and more sustainable form of capitalism. Our innovations are an important component of this commitment.

We inspire clients and simplify things for them

We reduce the complexity of the financial markets so that our clients can understand our actions at all times. This is why we developed Globalance World, a digital world map for investors who can use it to assess the future viability and sustainability of their investments.

We are innovators and pioneers

Whoever looks at our history knows that innovation and the successful implementation of new ideas has accompanied us for decades. Moving things forward, entering new areas and making a difference in the financial market are part of our DNA. That’s why our motto is: Move more than money.

We deliver outstanding results

We strive for extraordinary results in everything we do. We want to be among the best in investment returns, research quality, client reporting and client relationships. We encourage curiosity, innovation and continuous learning to achieve these goals.