Move more than money

We invest your assets in future-oriented companies and investment opportunities with a positive footprint. For our planet, for our children, for our future.

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“Building an Efficient World” – Interview with Bertrand Piccard

Bertrand Piccard is a Swiss explorer & psychiatrist and was achieving the first successul circumnavigation of the earth in a solar airplane. He founded the Solar Impulse foundation in 2016. Bertrand Piccard is a UN Goodwill Ambassador, a Special Advisor to the European Commission and the author of several books.

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Move more than money

Asset Management should do more than only invest money. There is a strong and growing need to invest in a sustainable and responsible manner. How can investors create positive impact – for our planet, our children, and our future?

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Giving Nature a Price

Carbon pricing is therefore an effective instrument for combating climate change.

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The future of investing

Globalance World

Discover Google Earth – a digital globe – for investors and see the future viability and sustainability of your investments.

Bertrand piccard

„Solutions exist that are
logical more than just
ecological, that can
create jobs and generate profit while also reducing polluting emissions and preserving
natural resources.“

The Globalance Team

We move the world of finance

The Globalance story

We have been pioneers for over 25 years: In 1995, we founded the world’s first sustainable asset management company SAM (Sustainable Asset Management) and established the Sustainability Index with Dow Jones, thus setting a benchmark. In 2011 we founded Globalance Bank and launched Globalance World in 2020.

Founding SAM Group

Twenty-five years ago, when “sustainability” was still a foreign word in the financial market, our founders started a revolution by founding SAM (“Sustainable Asset Management”), the world’s first asset manager for sustainable investments.

First Sustainable Fund Worldwide

In 1997, our founders launched the world’s first investment fund focusing on sustainability, the “Sustainable Performance Group Fund”.

Dow Jones Sustainability Index

In cooperation with Dow Jones, our founders set another milestone: the “Dow Jones Sustainability Index”. Today, it is one of the most widely used references for sustainable investments worldwide.

First Thematic Fund on
Water worldwide

Our founders launched the “SAM Sustainable Water Fund”,
which is investing for the first time in companies that offer solutions to global water issues.

The World’s First Cleantech Fund

The “SAM Sustainable Water Fund” is followed by the “SAM Private Equity Fund”, the first cleantech fund in financial history to invest in sustainability.

The First Climate Fund

The “SAM Sustainable Climate Fund” is launched. The fund’s concept focuses on companies that offer new and innovative solutions to the global challenge of climate change.

Successful Sale of the SAM Group

The Dutch asset manager Robeco takes over the rapidly growing SAM Group and continues the success story launched in 1995. SAM becomes RobecoSAM.

Foundation of Globalance Bank

The founders of SAM continue their vision and establish Globalance Bank. Now the focus is no longer on institutional investors, but rather on private clients, families and foundations who wish to invest their assets in a sustainable and future-oriented manner.

Globalance launches the Globalance Footprint®

With our unique Globalance Footprint® we launched a world first. Using the Footprint® methodology, investors can easily track the economic, social and environmental impact of their investments. Globalance is the first bank in the world to offer its clients this transparency.

Expansion to Germany

Globalance expands into Germany and founds Globalance Invest Deutschland with headquarters in Munich. As the first asset manager focusing on sustainability, Globalance now offers its entire range of services to private clients, foundations, and families in Germany.

Overall Winner Globalance Bank

Globalance is the overall winner of the BILANZ Private Banking Rating 2019. Future-oriented investment strategies, entrepreneurship, digital innovations such as the Globalance Footprint® and above-average customer service are what set us apart.

World First: Google Earth for Investors

With Globalance World®, Globalance launches a world first. For the first time, investors can now view the future viability and sustainability of their investments in a simple and easy-to-understand manner. Digitally, real-time and interactive.


Globalance World Launch Speech

Discover new perspectives for your wealth.

Globalance World

Google Earth for Investors