Private Clients

Move More than Money

Globalance’s private clients are wealthy individuals who want to move more than money. They are aware of their responsibility to use their wealth to make a positive impact on the economy, society and the environment. In addition, they do not want to be invested in the past, but in promising future topics that will positively change our world and thus deliver a double benefit.

What you can expect from Globalance

Globalance speaks your language. You will find an advisor who will provide you with professional support in the complex issues of asset management and planning. Your capital has a positive impact in the real world and is invested in tomorrow’s winners.

Our Services

Asset Management

Together with you, we define your investment goals and strategy. We make the asset allocation decisions for you and are responsible for monitoring and implementation.

Asset planning

You will receive advice from us on all questions concerning your assets. This includes the determination of your asset allocation, taking into account all assets (including those you hold with other financial institutions), all questions of pension and financial planning as well as tax issues.

Investment funds

In the Globalance Zukunftbeweger Focused Fund (equity fund) and the Sokrates Fund (mixed fund) you invest in companies that are operating in strongly growing megatrends and contribute to a positive future with their products and services.

Investment solution for your pension

Globalance is a competent partner for investing your pension. We work, for example, with our partner valuepension to offer a Pillar 2 vested benefits solution.
The valuepension offering is invested in our broadly diversified Socrates Fund.

Portfolio Future Check

Subject your current portfolio to a free future check. Globalance uncovers conflicts of interest hidden costs.


Niklaus Haller

Head of Clients, Member of the Executive Commitee

+41 44 215 55 54
[email protected]

Gaby Aschwanden

Senior Relationship Manager

+41 44 215 55 06
[email protected]