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Our current issue “Using crises as opportunities”:

Just as the Chinese character for crisis is composed of the two elements danger and opportunity, we also think about crises – they offer opportunities for positive change.

We also shed light on approaches to solving energy supply problems, ways to ensure tomorrow’s food security and show companies that are gearing themselves to the future.

From the latest magazine

«A Crisis Is the Beginning of Something New»

Our board member Dr Christoph-Friedrich von Braun advises companies in the field of innovation management. He shows why we have to live with crises of all kinds and how we can use these changes positively.

That is what you will find in the futuremover:

  • Exciting information and analyses
  • Megatrends from the economy, society and the environment
  • Relevant future developments
  • Innovative companies and forward-looking business models

Invest for the future

Investing successfully and sustainably today means taking megatrends and innovative companies into account. That is why our investment philosophy focuses on future movers, which we regularly write about in the magazine with the same name.

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