Investment funds

Invest in a Positive Future with Globalance Investment Funds

Anyone can invest even a small amount in Globalance’s investment strategy. Especially for smaller assets, we have launched two interesting investment funds with future potential.

In the Globalance Zukunftbeweger Focused Fund (equity fund) and the Sokrates Fund (mixed fund), Globalance invests in companies that are operating in rapidly growing megatrends and contribute to a positive future with their products and services. For the first time ever, this fund enables investors to
invest in future-oriented companies with new technologies, and at the same time achieve a positive footprint.

How can I Invest in Globalance Investment Funds?

Would you like to invest in the funds, but you do not know how? The Globalance team will be happy to help you, advise you on the selection process and guide you step by step.

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