The Core Globalance Strategy

The Globalance Sokrates Fund is a mixed fund managed by Globalance with a positive Footprint.

6 Reasons for the Sokrates Fund

Investment in
long-term, future-oriented megatrends

First fund worldwide with Footprint report

Independent selection of the world’s best investment funds of future topics

Ideal building block for your pension or foundation assets

Smaller investment amounts are possible

No change of bank required

About the Globalance Sokrates

Sokrates invests broadly diversified (BVV2-compliant) in a dynamically managed combination of different asset classes: liquidity, shares, bonds, real values (e.g. real estate) or low correlated investments. These include renewable energies, energy efficiency, healthy food, water or new materials. This strategy allows the asset classes to be weighted according to market assessments. On this basis, Socrates invests in the most attractive companies or investment vehicles according to Globalance investment criteria. The attractiveness lies in the dynamic selection of investment opportunities and the market potential of the future-oriented themes.


How can I Invest in

the Sokrates

Fund ?

You can simply buy its units via your own bank or via online banking. The ISIN numbers for the equity funds are:

Share Class I: LU0585393688 (>100’000 CHF)
Share Class B: LU0585393332
Share Class E: LU1502923284

Would you like to invest in our funds, but do not know how? Our team will be happy to help you, advise you in the selection process and accompany you step by step.


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