Swiss Climate Scores

Globalance leads the way

As the first Swiss bank, we publish the Swiss Climate Scores for all the assets we manage, including our investment funds.

The Swiss Climate Scores were launched in June 2022 by the Federal Council and the Federal Department of Finance in collaboration with the Swiss Bankers Association, experts from the industry and NGOs. They provide meaningful and comparable information on the climate compatibility of all investments.

Thanks to these scores, the climate-friendly orientation of financial investments is made transparent. At the same time, they are a clear commitment by Switzerland and the Swiss financial centre to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050. Globalance welcomes this initiative and, as an industry pioneer, supports the goals behind it.

As a leading bank for future-oriented investments, we welcome this set of meaningful and comparable indicators.

Reto Ringger, Founder and CEO Globalance Bank

Why does Globalance support this federal initiative?

Climate change threatens nature, society and the economy in equal measure. The financial market and its players bear a share of the responsibility to be part of the solution – because financial investments have a major influence on the achievement of climate goals. With the Swiss Climate Scores, there is now a catalogue of criteria based on the latest international knowledge that private and institutional investors can use to assess how climate-friendly financial products actually are.

What are the benefits of the Swiss Climate Scores for investors?

Since its foundation, Globalance has focused on future-oriented investment strategies and the associated optimisation of portfolios in terms of return, risk, sustainability, and future-oriented topics. As global climate risks are steadily increasing, we focus on business models that make a significant contribution to solving climate challenges by means of new technologies or products and thus tap into enormous growth potential when implementing a return-oriented investment strategy.

We take strict care to minimise climate risks in our client portfolios. As a result, our client portfolios are in line with the Paris Climate Agreement and thus contain significantly less “decarbonisation risks”. To avoid potential write-offs, it is important to eliminate companies with CO2-heavy business models in good time and to focus on the future movers of tomorrow.

How well are Globalance portfolios positioned regarding climate risks?

Due to our future-oriented investment strategy and the extended selection criteria, Globalance’s climate scores are very good. All portfolios we manage are below a global warming potential of 2°C and 50% below the MSCI World benchmark. The exact results and scores can be found on the factsheets below.

Do you know Globalance World?

Two years before the introduction of the Swiss Climate Scores, we already provided our clients with Globalance World®, our own tool to achieve unique transparency in the assessment of future opportunities and climate risks of the respective investment positions in their portfolios.

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