Certification as B Corporation

Shape the future

Globalance is recognised as a Certified Benefit Corporation (Certified B Corp) since 2015. It was the first Swiss Bank to receive this quality label and only the second bank in Europe.

In 2022, Globalance was re-certified for the third time with an even better result, despite the audit being again more stringent.

The certificate is awarded worldwide to companies that positively shape the future. These companies define entrepreneurial success more broadly: they strive for business performance by providing valuable services to the economy and society.

Certified B Corps are regularly audited by an independent body. They must meet comprehensive, high standards of transparency, responsibility and accountability, social acceptability and environmental stewardship. Certified B Corps are required to consider the impact of their business on relevant stakeholders.

Currently, there are more than 5,000 Certified B Corps in 155 industries and 80 countries.

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Schaffen wir die Energiewende?

Move more than money

Invest for the future

Our world is changing rapidly, that is why we need to adopt new perspectives when investing.

Topics such as energy, climate, resources or diversity are becoming increasingly important and are also influencing the return on portfolios. As an owner-managed Swiss private bank, we support our clients in successfully investing in the future and achieving a positive footprint for the economy, the society and the environment.

I am here for you.

Gaby Aschwanden

I am here for you.

Niklaus Haller