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European Design Awards 2021

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The European Design Awards have awarded Globalance World with the Gold Award in the category “Digital Infographics” and the Silver Award in the category “Information Site”.

The European Design Awards, also known as the ED Awards, are presented annually to European designers for outstanding work in the field of communication design. They are based on a collaboration between the International Design Council and leading design magazines in Europe.

The ED Awards differ from other design prizes in that the jury is not composed of designers but of design journalists and critics. It also offers all entrants the opportunity to have their work published in a range of media.

There are three levels of the award: gold, silver and bronze. In each category, gold is only awarded if the jury feels that the work in question is of a particularly high standard. Globalance World impressed the jury and was awarded the Gold award in the Digital Infographics category and the Silver award in the Information Site category.

We are delighted that Globalance World was able to receive these two awards. Also, a big thank you goes to CLEVER°FRANKE. The Dutch data design and technology company did the design of Globalance World.