Awards & Recognition

Green Business Award

Globalance World is nominated for the Green Business Award 2022.

Anyone who thinks idols are only for children should definitely take a look at the shortlist of the Green Business Award. It quickly becomes clear that role models can inspire all generations and have a trend-setting influence on our actions. This is also how Green Business Switzerland sees it and recognises that the economy in particular is “part of the solution” if we want to protect our planet. It is therefore even more gratifying to be able to rank among the 39 nominated, innovative companies. Since 2019, the renowned jury has used a unique selection process to identify sustainable solutions that combine economic success with ecological impact via national business associations and environmental organisations. Our digital globe for investors was also in the focus of the nomination partners and will now be examined by an interdisciplinary panel of experts. Globalance World makes it possible to better understand the complex interrelationships of financial investments and their impact in the real world by means of interactive infographics – an “X-ray view” for asset management. For this award, however, our “open source” platform will now be examined by the jury.

We are already looking forward to the preliminary round in July this year and of course hope to be allowed to enter the final. Fingers crossed.