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Battle of the giants for artificial intelligence: USA and China in comparison

In the debate on the potential and dangers of artificial intelligence (AI), the poles of the USA and China are facing each other. Two cultures that could not understand AI more differently. Both shape the global path of AI, also for us.

There will no longer be a world without AI. Ensuring that this development is also more “humane” means not giving the giants USA and China a free pass.

What is it about

In a report, the German Future Institute, which has been conducting trend research since 1998, examines how the USA and China are investing in artificial intelligence (AI). Ethical considerations do not play an important role in neither country: In the USA, development is based on established cooperation between government, the private sector and universities. Economic and technical feasibility go hand in hand. The country is banking on self-computerization and hyper-personalization. In China, on the other hand, it is not only about innovation, but above all about maintaining the authoritarian system. Society is being “forced-computerised”. Data protection is not pronounced – a decisive advantage in this duel.

Why this is important

The race for dominance in AI is reaching a new dimension. Today, most AI companies come from the USA. According to a ranking by CB Insights, only 7 of the world’s most important AI start-ups are from China, while 76 are from the USA. But China will invest around 150 billion dollars in AI by 2030. One example: the Chinese city of Hangzhou, with its “City Brain” developed by Alibaba, is already one of the most traffic-optimised cities in the world.

The Globalance View

There will no longer be a world without AI. Man and machine will continue their “team play”. Corporate cultures will be changed as well. AI can lead us into a future that is economically more successful and more sustainable. Ensuring that this future is also more humane means not giving a free pass to the giants USA and China.

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