Exercising voting rights

Proxy Voting

Companies hold an Annual General Meeting every year. At these meetings, the company’s proposals and sometimes proposals brought forward by shareholders are put to a vote. At Globalance, we vote on the proposals of our portfolio companies worldwide every year. This takes place via the ISS technical infrastructure and is known as “proxy voting”.

Where Did Globalance Vote?

How Often Was a Vote Cast?


annual general meetings




shareholder proposals

How Did Globalance Vote?

What Issues Did the Shareholders Bring Forth?

In 2023, Globalance voted on 66 shareholder proposals. As in 2022, proposals on the topic of “labour and human rights” had the strongest representation

Sustainability Proxy Voting

If Globalance does not issue specific instructions, the ISS Sustainability Proxy Voting Guidelines are applied. These support shareholder proposals that promise long-term benefits for the company and society. They support calls for increased transparency and more detailed reporting, as well as calls for the recognition of international standards and principles. In the area of climate change, they promote shareholder proposals that call for disclosure of information on climate risks, greenhouse gas reduction, a climate policy and reduction targets.

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