Thomas Pfyl

Head of Investment Selection

Daniel Welter Tina Geiersberger

„With the Footprint, I have a tool at Globalance Bank that can be used to identify the companies that are best positioned for the future.”


Thomas Pfyl knows what matters when it comes to the selection of future-oriented investments. As Head of Investment Selection at Globalance Bank, he analyses potential investment opportunities and adds them to our recommendation list only if they satisfy our strict requirements.

For years, Thomas Pfyl headed the Business Services unit at Bank Vontobel Ltd. and was a member of the Investment Banking management team. He serviced key clients and also played a key role in the merger of the Vontobel and Lombard Odier investment banking departments.

For a number of years, Thomas Pfyl headed the prize-winning research team at Bank Vontobel. He is and always was a mover and shaker with his ideas and energy: Together with his team and several environmental engineers, he developed a method that takes into account the external costs of companies in connection with the environment – long before that was even a topic in the financial industry. He was also active as a financial analyst of the machinery sector.

Thomas Pfyl is a Certified Business Economist FH, Certified International Investment Analyst CIIA, and completed the INSEAD International Executive Programme in Fontainebleau.

„Already back in the ‘90s I was analysing the environmental costs of companies. At the time, we wanted to find out what it would mean to individual enterprises if they had to bear those external CO2 emission costs all on their own. Because this evaluation was associated with a long-term time horizon, many people viewed it as unsuitable. Today we’re a step further down the road: all good analysts should include the environmental costs in their risk assessment of a company. With our Footprint, I have an instrument at Globalance Bank that not only crunches the key  financial figures but also reveals those companies that are positioned best to meet the environmental challenges of the future. I’m proud of that.“