Tina Geiersberger

Manager Compliance

Thomas Pfyl David Hertig

„Globalance – a bank that lives what it promises: for our planet, for our children, for our future. I am proud to be part of Globalance and to be able to make a valuable contribution.“


Tina Geiersberger is responsible for various areas of compliance at Globalance, ensuring that internal and external regulatory requirements are met.

She has worked in the field of compliance for over ten years, including for a major Swiss and a private bank and one of the world’s largest providers in the field of trusts and foundations for wealthy clients, where she held overall responsibility in compliance. Prior to that, she was a trust officer and client advisor in an asset management company.

Tina Geiersberger holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Strategic Management & Leadership, a Federal HR Professional Certificate and other diplomas and certificates in the field of compliance.

„We in Compliance ensure that the invested assets are protected. Surrounded by commitment and professionalism combined with values such as sustainability, future orientation and innovation, I have found a company that excites me and thus moves more than just money.“