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FUCHS|RICHTER: “Globalance best Swiss private bank for 2024”

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Top positions achieved

Globalance Bank has once again demonstrated its leading role in the area of future-oriented banking. With a total score of 86 points, the bank achieved 3rd place in the TOPS 2024 overall ranking, confirming its leading position in the DACH region. In addition, Globalance was recognised as the “Best Bank in Switzerland” for the fourth time in a row, a clear indication of the consistency and quality of its services.

Rise in the eternal best list

Globalance’s rise in the eternal best list is a particular success. Thanks to many years of continuity, the bank was able to move up from 5th to 2nd place. Fuchsbriefe commented on this with the words:

“The small private bank from Switzerland is piling on the pressure. The ‘sustainability bank’ from Zurich has achieved an impressive consistency of top performance.”

This rise of 3 ranks in the FUCHS | RICHTER score is extraordinary in the top segment and reflects Globalance’s continued excellence.

Evaluation criteria and rankings

The bank’s performance in the evaluation categories of the TOPS 2024 Summit Report is remarkable. All 9 top providers, including Globalance, are characterised by very good overall performance and predominantly very good performance in the relevant assessment components. These include the advisory discussion, the investment concept, the beauty contest, investment expertise and transparency. It is particularly noteworthy that Globalance was awarded top marks in the areas of advisory discussion, beauty contest and investment expertise.

The task of the asset managers tested was to invest a sum of 20 million euros, generated from a property sale, wisely and securely in an unpredictable market environment. The investment of 10 million was monitored by the FUCHS | RICHTER test centre (backlink to full report). A total of 70 providers were tested, including 23 from Germany, 21 from Switzerland, 18 from Austria, 6 from Liechtenstein and 2 from Luxembourg.

Globalance, which specialises in sustainable and future-oriented investments, thus demonstrates its expertise and innovative strength in a demanding and highly competitive environment.

The best private banks in Switzerland

  1. Globalance Bank (86 Punkte)
  2. Bank Vontobel (78 Punkte)
  3. Reichmuth & Co Privatbankiers (77 Punkte)
  4. Rothschild & Co Bank AG (39 Punkte)
  5. Frankfurter Bankgesellschaft (Schweiz) AG (37 Punkte)

The perpetual TOPS 2024 leaderboard

  1. Bankhaus Spängler, Österreich (787 Punkte)
  2. Globalance Bank, Schweiz (774 Punkte)
  3. LGT Bank, Liechtenstein (766 Punkte)
  4. Alpen Privatbank, Österreich (764 Punkte)
  5. Schellhammer Capital Bank, Österreich (751 Punkte)

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