Globalance Engagement Report

Influence with assets!

Anyone who invests assets and invests in companies also has a responsibility. This is greater than most of us realise. With this report, we would like to show you the power to shape and the rights to participate, and illustrate why the self-image of active ownership behaviour is part of Globalance’s “raison d`être”.

  • Learn more about Active Ownership, Engagement and Sustainable Impact
  • Get insights and background information on our votes
  • Read the exciting interview with Peter Zollinger about the “art of dialogue” and the importance of shareholder engagement
  • …and many more insights on Globalance’s influence are waiting for you

Shareholder Engagement Case Studies

Every investment we make carries the responsibility to create not only economic value, but also sustainable and societal value. To this end, we actively engage with the companies in which we invest and use our position to exert a positive influence. In the following, we present three exemplary case studies that demonstrate the breadth and depth of our shareholder engagement:

Emissions discrepancy discovered

Thanks to tips from Globalance, Novozymes became aware of large discrepancies between its own issuance data and those of major rating agencies.

In dialog on climate strategy

Did you know that this manufacturer of machines for the production of semiconductors takes back all equipment at the end of its service life, and sells it again after a fundamental overhaul? When it comes to climate strategy, Globalance uses the dialog with ASML and supports ambitious targets for the energy efficiency of the plants.

Requirement for third-party certification of the wood

Seven professionals attended our meeting with Japanese prefabricated house manufacturer Sekisui House. The company implements sustainability better and more consistently than most European real estate developers. Our main request is related to the certificates of origin of the wood used. We expect a third party certification there to be sure that no wood comes from clearings of valuable forests.

Principles of our shareholder engagement

Learn more about the principles of our shareholder engagement, often referred to as “stewardship” in the Anglo-Saxon world, in our video: This year, we are focusing on the climate strategies of the companies in which we invest and are in direct dialog with the respective specialist teams.


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In early 2024, Globalance will again detail how we are impacting the companies in which we invest in a variety of impactful ways in a comprehensive Shareholder Engagement Report. Follow our social media channels to make sure you don’t miss a thing.