Moving mountains together

Collaborative Initiatives

Together we can move mountains. In collaborative initiatives, various investors enter into a dialogue with a company. Each initiative focuses on a specific topic, for example climate, biodiversity, nutrition or human rights. In 2024, Globalance will work as member of a team of the “Nature Action 100” initiative with the aim to reduce the impact on nature.

“Nature Action 100” for the preservation of biodiversity

Half of global economic output is heavily or moderately dependent on “services” provided by nature (known as ecosystem services). In contrast to the topic of “climate”, there is a direct link between “damaging nature” and “being dependent on nature” for many sectors and companies: the vast majority of “biodiversity offenders” destroy their own basis for economic success. The investor initiative «Nature Action 100» aims to counteract this. Similar to the “Climate Action 100+” initiative, which has been running for some time, the 100 companies that consume the most nature, i.e. have the greatest potential to strengthen nature and biodiversity most effectively, are being targeted. Investor groups of four participants each develop and conduct a dialogue with one of the 100 companies. Four companies on the “Nature Action 100” focus list are among Globalance’s core stocks. We are actively involved in a group in 2024.

Further investor initiatives

Climate Action 100+

«Climate Action 100+» is an investor-led initiative that works with the world’s largest greenhouse gas emitters to transition to net zero. In 2023, Globalance joined two teams of the initiative.

Carbon Disclosure Project

We have been involved in the «Carbon Disclosure Project» (CDP), the leading platform for corporate environmental data, since 2020. In 2023, we were the lead signatories of the CDP’s request to publish climate, forest and water data sent to five companies.

Access to Nutrition Initiative

The «Access to Nutrition Initiative» aims to make healthy food more accessible. We have been part of the initiative since 2022 and will be actively involved again at the end of 2024 after the publication of the fifth Global Index.

Updates on the topic of stewardship