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Move more than money

Asset Management should do more than only invest money. There is a strong and growing need to invest in a sustainable and responsible manner. How can investors create positive impact – for our planet, our children, and our future?

Move more than money – our philosophy is based on a strong ambition to use our client’s assets to create positive impact for the environment and the society. For this purpose, we developed an investment strategy choosing future-oriented companies with a positive footprint.

As a pioneer for sustainable investments and a certified Benefit Corporation, we are glad to see progress on the global agenda to move towards a more sustainable financial system. This comes in part because of an increased level of active shareholder engagement, which is important to us since the beginning of our company.

Clients appreciate our shareholder engagement when taking responsibility and active ownership in their name. They like that we are talking to companies and making full use of our rights to effect positive change. But also, companies appreciate the exchange of ideas with opinion-leading investors.

Investor impact and company impact

Sustainable investing creates positive impact in two ways. First, direct investor impact by choosing companies carefully and second, there is an indirect impact on the environment thanks to the responsible activities of those companies. Globalance is leveraging on the positive impact with active shareholder engagement, selectively supporting projects and offering access to investors money. Read more about our engagement and active use of shareholder rights.

Read more about our engagement and active use of shareholder rights.