Daniel Muntwyler

Head of Clients Switzerland, Founding Partner

Jürg Furrer Susanne Kundert

„Inspiring customers in their everyday lives with our future-oriented and responsible approach is both exciting and satisfying.“


Daniel Muntwyler is co-founder and as such part of the history of Globalance Bank.  If you’re well taken care of with us, then it’s also thanks to him as head of our Clients Switzerland unit.

The ability to serve clients with commitment, competence and understanding – Daniel Muntwyler stood out for that talent already at SAM Group. As a member of that company’s Executive Committee, he spent years as its Head of Institutional Clients Switzerland and also administered the exchange-listed entity, Sustainable Performance Group (SPG).

Almost two decades ago, namely in 1996, Daniel Muntwyler joined SAM Group. His vast experience is something he passes on directly to you as a client. Previously, he spent a number of years with FUNDES, a foundation focused on the support of small-sized enterprises in Latin America. There, he learned from the ground up how to identify and champion future-oriented projects.

Daniel Muntwyler earned a degree in business administration from the University of Zurich and completed post-graduate studies in emerging nation development (NADEL) at the ETH in Zurich. He is currently a member of the EDGE Certified Foundation Board, advancing the leading global assessment and business certification for gender equality.

„Sustainable dealings are part of my professional DNA. Already as a young business administration student, I interned with Migros and focused on modern logistics-systems. After post-graduate studies at the ETH, I spent several years arranging microcredits as a means of financing small- and medium-sized companies in Latin America. Since the mid ‘90s, I’ve been advising institutional and private clients with regard to their long-term investments. Enthusing those clients on a regular basis with our future-oriented and responsible approach and treating them fairly thanks to our total lack of any financial conflicts of interest is something that I find just as exciting as it is satisfying for me.“