Urs Landolt

Founding Partner

Susanne Kundert Béatrice Hirzel

„We are driven by the passion to create added value for our customers.“


Urs Landolt is a founding partner of Globalance Bank. He plays a key role in making you feel that you’re in good hands with us, because in his role as Head of Clients he is in charge of overall client services.

Prior to his co-founding of Globalance Bank, Urs Landolt was a member of the Executive Committee at SAM Group and bore ultimate responsibility for the servicing of institutional clients. He personally engineered the successful expansion of that company’s client base in the Mideast, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore. In each of those countries, he assisted and advised the largest financial institutions in matters pertaining to sustainable investments.

But Urs Landolt’s wealth of experience is far more extensive: he was CEO of Julius Bär Asset Management Ltd. and held various management positions at Credit Suisse, among others in Tokyo and London. As Managing Director at Credit Suisse Asset Management, he was responsible for the company’s business activities in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Urs Landolt is a federally certified banking expert and completed the INSEAD Advanced Management Programme in Fontainebleau.

„My family and I lived in Japan for five years – five years that shaped me in many ways. Here in the West, we say the customer is king. In Japan, they say: ‹the customer is God.› And also at Globalance Bank, just being average doesn’t suffice! We’re driven by the passion to create added value for our clients. We want to lend them a sense of uniqueness and surprise them positively again and again. An integral part of that is being able to communicate with them in a way that is so transparent and honest that you’d never expect it from any other bank.“