Ariane Ehrat

Community Building

Niklas Kaiser

„The approach «moving more than money» has fascinated me from the very beginning, because this means much more than conventional business.“


After retiring from ski racing, where she scored one of her greatest achievements as Vice World Champion in the Downhill 1985, Ariane Ehrat studied communications science with a master’s degree.

She worked for 15 years in marketing at Weissen Arena AG in Laax, Switzerland. Subsequently, Ariane Ehrat moved to Swiss Radio SRF, where she led the communications and marketing department.

From 2008 to mid-2017, she was CEO of the tourism destination Engadin St. Moritz, which was founded in 2007 and is the most important holiday region in the Alps.

Today, Ariane Ehrat dedicates her time to tasks and projects, which are characterized by visionary entrepreneurs. Hence, her involvement in Globalance, where she supports founder and CEO Reto Ringger and his team to inspire more people to invest in sustainable investments.

„Why me, of all people? I always said that I do not want to have anything to do with cars, banks and insurances … «Moving more than money» fascinated me as an approach from the start. It stands for so much more than conventional business. As in top-class sports, where it is always a question of breaking new ground with foresight, at Globalance I am engaging in building bridges to people who are interested in financial returns and at the same time delighted in driving positive change through their investments.“